Greater Sacramento Softball Association

The Greater Sacramento Softball association is an affiliation of the Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA), the National Governing Body of softball. We are one of 72 associations in the United States. The ASA has many important responsibilities as the national governing body of softball in the United States, including regulating competition to insure fairness and equal opportunity.


Welcome to LCS XXX! That's right! 30 Years of Softball Excellence all rolled up into the League Championship Series. 


Congratulations to the Coed Teams that finished up last weekend:

Coed Rec - 1st Place: Young Bucks Old Ducks (Fulton El Camino), 2nd Place: Mixed Up (Cosumnes)

Coed American - 1st Place: Say When (Sac Complex), 2nd Place: NFL2G (Fulton El Camino)

Coed National - 1st Place: Fielders Choice (Fair Oaks), 2nd Place: Nice Snatch (Sunrise)


The Mens/Womens brackets are now posted:

Men's / Women's LCS Tournament Rules

Men's Rec - Lembi Park (Saturday), Sac Complex (Sunday)

Men's American South - Sacramento Softball Complex

Men's American North - Foskett Park (Saturday), Sac Complex (Sunday)

Men's National - Sacramento Softball Complex

Women's American - Foskett Park


This league is designed to provide a place for travel teams to play in live games that will add to your spring schedule. The league is played with modified ASA rules to allow everyone to bat during regular games.

Click here for additional information about the leagues.

10u - Monday Nights

12u - Tuesday Nights

14u - Wednesday Nights

16u/18u - Thursday Nights


Sacramento ASA is proud to host the 14u ASA Western National Championship this summer. We know that earning the opportunity to compete in such a prestigious event is really special and we want to make your experience the best we possibly can. 

This tournament will be hosted on TournamentASA and all the resources for the tournament will be linked directly from that page.

Take me to TournamentASA


The 2016 Youth Tournament schedule has now been released! Check out all the tournaments we have to offer locally and get your team signed up early! Many of the tournaments fill up fast.

Check out our tournament page for a complete list of tournaments for 2016.


Sacramento ASA was awarded the ASA/USA Girls 14u Class A Western National for 2016. It will be held in Roseville and Lincoln from July 25-July 31, 2016. All teams that participate in their local Association Championships are eligible to participate. Complete tournament packet now available!

Tournament Website

14u Class A Western National Tournament Packet

Also awarded to Sacramento ASA, is the 14u Class B Western National for the 2017 playing season. 


As a member of ASA and the Greater Sacramento Softball Association, you are able to order your softballs through our significant ball discount program should you choose to take advantage.

The Official Fastpitch Ball of the Greater Sacramento Softball Association is the Worth Dream Seam. And they are offered at the low price of only $51.50 per dozen. Click here for the order form.

The Official Slowpitch Ball of the Greater Sacramento Softball Association is the Worth Hot Dot and Worth Green Dot. And they are offered at the low price of only $38.50 per dozen. Click here for the order form.


To all of our Fastpitch players and coaches. 

The Board of Directors and the National Office in Oklahoma City has raised the cost of registering for the ASA program. While this is effective on January 1, 2016 your local Association, Sacramento ASA, will not be raising our fees for the upcoming 2016 year. We know how hard it is to raise money and provide the kind of softball services that you currently provide. Unfortunately these things are out of our local control but we are holding the line for the 2016 year.

If you have any questions please contact us at any time. In addition if you need softballs for the 2016 season our contract with Worth sports has been extended for an additional three years. We will continue to provide you with the best price possible on this critical need for your program. Hopefully you find this worthwhile and a large savings to your organization.


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